Chronic Rhinitis

What is Chronic Rhinitis?

Some patients experience nasal symptoms such as congestion, runny nose and sneezing in response to irritants as opposed to allergens.  These irritants can include:

  • cigarette smoke
  • perfumes
  • car exhaust
  • strong odors (cleaners, scented candles, etc.)
  • changes in the weather.  

These elements are not considered allergens because they do not cause an immune system reaction.  Instead, they directly irritate the mucous membranes.  As a result, they will not produce a reaction during skin testing.  Patients with this problem are diagnosed with a sensitivity, referred to as perennial non-allergic rhinitis, or chronic rhinitis.  

Chronic Rhinitis can occur in combination with Allergic Rhinitis, and many of the same medications are used to treat both conditions.  

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