Latex Allergy: Treatment

The only way to prevent an allergic reaction to latex, whether mild or severe,  is to avoid it.  Substitutions include: 

  • Synthetic latex products, which are considered are safe. 
  • Substitutes for latex gloves, such as vinyl or nitrile gloves, should be used at all times by people with latex allergy.
  • Natural skin condoms are available, but while they protect against pregnancy, they do not shield against HIV or other sexually-transmitted diseases.
  • If you have mild skin reactions from latex, anti-inflammatory medications and topical steroids may help relieve symptoms.

Patients who have had anaphylaxis, or are at increased risk of developing this serious reaction, should always carry epinephrine in the form of an auto-injector kit (such as the Epi-Pen).  Patients should be educated as to the proper use of this medication, and should be comfortable enough to use it should the need arise.  

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