Oral Immunotherapy (OIT)

There are currently four FDA approved oral immunotherapy allergy tablets. Two are specifically for the treatment of grass pollen allergy, and one is for  ragweed allergy, and one for house dust mite allergy. The two grass pollen allergy tablets are Oralair, which has five kinds of northern grass pollen, and Grastek, which has timothy grass pollen. The short ragweed allergy tablet is called Ragwitek.  The house dust mite tablet is called Odactra.

  • Side Effects:  mainly local reactions such has itching or burning of the mouth or lips and less commonly, gastrointestinal symptoms. These reactions usually stop after a few days or a week.
  • Treatment Regimen:     OIT should be initiated  approximately three months prior to the start of allergy season for optimal symptom control, and continued daily through the end of the that season.  
  • OIT treats only the specific allergen contained in the tablet, and therefore will not address symptoms related to other allergens. 

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